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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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vice versa as we move the people along the embarcadero and i also appreciate the acknowledgment of how the (inaudible) has been done and that is one of the things that was done from the report that was referred to and i do it more as a status update and that is how that needs to be looked at and it is not, a final water front plan in any sense, but it is really an update, of the status of where we are and enables us to figure out where we want to go and we have been grappling with the and we have been successful of think of connecting san francisco with the water front and one of the goals of the original plan and i think that we have succeeded very well and that is why i think that there is so much excitement and interest in the port in the water front and so i view that as the big success, and not just with the specific that i thinks have happened along the way but the things the people have started to rediscovering our water front and come here
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more so. but i appreciate the acknowledgment of all that has been created throughout that time. and i just i am not sure if at this port staff, but i think that brad was mentioning too, that we will be figuring out to go forward and looking for suggestions and comments as to where we are going next and that will be taking steps towards that and so i don't know whether i know that you have taken a vow of confidentiality, but whether you can serve as the resources and participate in other efforts going forward and i think that given the amount of time and focus on the port it is always wonderful to have added resources weighing in on our actions. and again, i think transparency and citizen involvement is critical and we are all looking for ways that we can expand that and sometimes little hard
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in our limited opportunities with the commission and on some levels we are very constrained by brown act rules and other things go as commissioner adams pointsed out we often have to have one ops meeting with people unless it is a formally called meeting, which is actually what occurs with our citizen advisory committee meetings. and it has occurred, so often, and are open to the public. but i think figuring out ways that we can expand our out reach and is significant in that will definitely be happening and also, you know, in terms of how we increase our out reach and we have more in the social media and the technology here and i know that renee martin who is the director of communications has been looking at efforts and at least, in the big and on how to engage others in the community, and how to use the social media for more out reach and to
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expand that list of people that we reach out to make sure that it goes city wide and we have come up with the ways and i know that she will be presenting this to us soon i am sure as to how we increase our out reach and get people engaged and it is how we have been focused on. and we are on the same page, and loving our water front and looking at how much that we have done and figuring out the best ways to move forward and so i want to thank you for your report and the time to make the suggestions and also, for all of our staff for looking at those, and figuring out any misconceptions that have been out there but also acknowledging things that we have been working on that are completely in sync with the suggestions that are contained in the report. thank you. >> >> item 9, new business. >> thank you. pardon me. thank you, commissioners, and the public in the staff for a
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very good meeting. we have only one item of new business and a couple of other follow up items that probably don't rise to the new business level, but that was to work with commissioner brandon, as an adviser to staff on a souther water front master planning effort. >> i am sorry? >> and commissioner adams. commissioner adams wanted to join me. but that is okay. >> i don't mind, joining, i can be the alternate. >> okay. >> i don't think there was any other new business. is there any further public comment on new business? >> see none, is is there a motion to adjourned, motion to adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> and the meeting is adjourned and i just want to again, thanks moses who has joined us and we thanked you earlier when you were out of the room for
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hosting us and everyone else who joined us from the community.
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